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In homage to the centenary of José Zanine Calda , this initiative is part of the dialogue between FAUUSP and the Träcentrum School and Jönköping University, built by professor Maria Cecília Loschiavo and doctoral student Amanda Carvalho

From this partnership with the academy GEMa (Madeira Study Group) - formed by Brazilian students to deepen the sustainable use of wood in Architecture and Design resulted the Bumba bank, which combines the minimalism of Nordic design with Brazilian humor.




Bumba’s shape is inspired by the period of creation of the Denunciation furniture, which questioned the devastation of the forests from the development of furniture with the remains of the deforestation and burning processes in the south of Bahia, in the 60s.


The result, under the guidance of Paulo Alves, was to respect the natural forms of the raw material with a more handmade production. The leather used on the wood gives it the zoomorphic shape that connects it to the “Boi-Bumbá”, a folkloric creature celebrated at June parties and very well known throughout the country.


According to the GEMa group ; "Although the materials and voluminous aesthetics are a signature of Brazilian design, it is expected that the" strange figure "will speak for itself as protest furniture inspired by Zanine."

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